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I am an Urbanist working at the intersection of sustainable urban design, emergent technologies and socially inclusive architecture. I am currently working with Jana Urban Space Foundation, Bengaluru, on developing sustainable urban design guidelines for streets and public spaces.
My independent research focuses on the application of least-cost technology to actively guide humans in construction, with a special lens on the informal sector. I am a graduate of the University of Tokyo, where I researched the development of a framework for a digital system as a form of technical assistance for self-construction in informal settlements. My work in this field has also led me to be selected as a Scholar for the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid, where I was selected for a workshop on informal settlements.
With over 3 years of experience in internationally reputed organizations, I have worked on various urban development projects of multiple scales. Additionally, I have volunteered in the education sector for various organizations, some under the UN Volunteer program.

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CATE 2023 conference presentation | Roadmap to implementation of thermal comfort policies in affordable housing.


Workshop on Causal Mapping  | The systems approach in solving wicked urban problems |  Cameroon Hackathon 2022


Journal Publication | A systems theoretic process analysis (STPA) approach for analyzing the governance structure of fecal sludge management in Japan |  Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science


Golden Lion Award, UAE Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2021 | Digital Fabrication team for on-site construction


CAADRIA conference presentation | PUCCA 5.0 - A framework for a digital system to aid informal self-construction


Nudge Foundation Equal Cities Challenge | Shortlisted entry


Norman Foster Foundation | On Cities Scholarship


Nihon Chouzai -School of Engineering University of Tokyo (SEUT) scholarship


Jasso Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship


Kailash Sodhi Scholarship | Best Thesis on Low Cost/ Mass Housing


Louis I. Kahn Trophy for documentation of Martand Sun Temple, Kashmir


Paryatan Bhawan | Tourism complex design for Chandigarh Administration (Runners Up)


Anandaram Barooah Award | State Government of Assam award for Distinction Scholars


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