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Norman Foster Foundation: On Cities '2019

Surjyatapa Ray, Mercedes Bidart, Felipe Suárez Giri, Mun Ho Szeto, Eunice Hasango Mwaka, Yona Catrina, Safiya El Ghmari, Scott Lenton, Frederico Leite Gonçalves, Robert Snelling

On Cities 2019 addressed issues around growing urbanization, the informal condition in cities. It revolved around mentor Luis M.A. Bettencourt's statement: "how new processes for urban design, technology integration and interdisciplinary knowledge could converge to explore new concepts and tools of urban informal settlements development".

Questions around emergent technologies and their applications in the sustainable development of urban informal settlements were addressed by the participants, that were reflected in two proposals presented by the participants.

Project Details

Our team's proposal centered around the need of a communication channel to enable cross-cultural and cross-geographical sharing of innovative knowledge and systems. With the increase in mobile and smartphone adoption around the world, this platform would enable community perspective and ideas to be shared on a codified methodology, albeit the lack of infrastructure, making existing innovation and research accessible, fostering native narratives, marketing ideas, and creating jobs.

Project Gallery

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