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Commune 246

Built work: Architectural Internship

Role: Presentation graphics and on-site construction


Ko Nakamura, Sachiyo Watanabe, Surjyatapa Ray Choudhury

This project was initiated as an exploratory urbanism to re-introduce the concept of food carts (Yatai) in Tokyo. It was seen as a two-fold experiment: architectural investigation of innovative materials and structure, and urban investigation of revival of a leftover space in the centre of a busy district in Tokyo. 

This proposal by Mosaic Design Inc. revolved around the concept of a lawn in motion. Specific materials with strong relation to the 'ground' were chosen such as soil and wood. The structure is built out of wood, with niches created and stuffed with soil to grow plants on it. The function of the stall to sell vegan food was aimed to have strong reflection in the design as well.

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